The Charlotte Church of Scientology?

The British media are obsessed with America. When it comes to the entertainment-biz and whether a band, artist, presenter, or basically any celeb you can just about name tries to crack it big time over the pond, the tabloids go into a tailspin.

The latest US buzz is over Welsh yummy mummy Charlotte Church. According to The Daily Star and one of their reliable sources, none other than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are huge fans of Church and want her to star in a whole gaggle of movies: ‘Tom and Katie think Charlotte would be great in a Broadway show and reckon she has a blossoming career ahead in the film world too, if she wanted,’ said said source.

We can’t help but think they’ve only printed this so they can go with the Charlotte Church of Scientology headline. Charlotte Church is currently strutting her new slim-lined stuff on the BBC search for a star show, ‘Over The Rainbow’.

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