The cat/doll who got the cream

Nicole's first day in her new promoted position as US X Factor judge was apparently a huge success. The Pussycat Doll looked very pleased to be at the auditions in New Jersey, and steered clear of any potential Cheryl-pitfalls, such as wearing purple trousers and back-combed hair.

Nicole 'showed Cheryl how it's done' i.e. wore a tight shiny dress and bellowed at the crowd, saying, ‘I don’t know if you all know this, but today is my first day on the job for the X Factor – I’m here for you. I’m at your service, New Jersey. So please, please, lets have some fun and let’s show X Factor some love!’ Yep, we still prefer Chezza.

Simon told The Daily Mail, ‘Didn’t Nicole do well? She was terrific. She’s a great addition to the panel, she’ll be great. She’s just what we needed – she’s a breath of fresh air.' An X Factor insider seconded Cowell's thoughts saying, 'Nicole is feisty, she’s loud, she gets the crowd going – and she’s ambitious. In short, she’s exactly what the X Factor needs. She was great on the first day and managed to spar with Cowell and the rest of the judges.’

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