The cat who got the cream

Jonathan Ross has signed what one can only presume is a megabucks deal with ITV to star in a new chat show, which will probably be a lot like his current one, only with adverts. Still, maybe it’ll make ITV in some way watchable.

Ross, whose contract with the BBC expires when his current chat-fest finishes next week, will be starting on the new show late next year, which will be in a peak time, ratings grabbing slot. The presenter says he is excited at the prospect of being paid a ridiculous sum of money to do exactly what he was doing before, or something.

‘I am thrilled and excited that after a short break I will be rolling up my sleeves and creating a brand new show for ITV1,' said Ross in a statement. 'I have worked successfully with most of the key figures at the network in the past and cannot wait to get back on screen with a fast, funny, and unpredictable new talk show.

‘I do have a little spare time at the beginning of 2011 though, so if England needs a temporary new manager I will consider the post seriously. Thank you.’ What a card.

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