The cad who went out in the Cole

She might have chosen to 'Flight from this love' but perhaps Cheryl acted too soon. Wouldn't any celeb worth their salt have waited to see what the nation thinks first? We certainly would - if we were famous...... All we can hope is that Cheryl's got access to the internet wherever she is. That way she can take solace in The Sun's handy poll.

According to the nation's voicepiece, 68% of Brits think Cheryl should NOT fight for this love. 5% think Cashley deserves another chance, and 27% of fence dwellers simply 'don't know.' Thanks for that - but we're not sure we needed a poll to reach that conclusion. Mr Cole - or Alan Partridge (he loves a good regional hotel) used up his nine philandering lives long ago. Give him the heave ho Cheryl and this time make it for good....

With the divorce box ticked we predict Cheryl will shack up with a famous American celeb and be catapulted to the outer echelons of fame. Jay-Z and Beyonce are already interested in managing her: perhaps they could turn matchmaker too? Now, who's on their single friends list...Kanye West?

On second thoughts Chez, don't give Ashley the boot just yet....

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