The Brit awards – the verdict

So the biiiiiggest night in British music – The Brits – was last night. How was it for you?

Well, the opening performance from Mika was pretty lacklustre, Rihanna’s laser show with the Klaxons was dull, and Kylie simply did her usual but this time with a set of Power Rangers doing the physical jerks. Wooptidoo! Even the highly anticipated performances weren’t thaaat great. The Mark Ronson medley seemed a bit rushed; Amy Winehouse’s second performance a bit slow (and slurred?) and the all-hail Macca marathon was all-in-all slightly nauseating. And what was with Dave Grohl’s acceptance speech?! Was there any need for his total lack of gratitude?

So what was good about the Brits? Well, setting it apart from all other award ceremonies around the world, everyone in the room was absolutely waaaaasted. (And we loved it!) It was great to see the stars kicking back (and falling back) as they accepted their awards, especially the empirically sartorial Arctic Monkeys. 

However, it still wasn’t great, so here is one useful tip to vastly improve next year’s show: bin the Osbournes. Ozzy’s introduction of “Mr Sir Paul McCartney” was embarrassing.

(Image: from YouTube)

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