The Birds and the Becks

David Beckham has admitted that his eldest son, 11 year old Brooklyn was recently given the low-down on the birds and the bees, by his mother Victoria. Now that is one conversation we'd sell our teeth to have witnessed. Perhaps Posh illustrated the chat by singing 'Spice up your life'?

David told Ellen de Generes, 'Brooklyn is going to a new school. He's noticed he's getting attention from girls, and he likes it. So we had the sex talk. I had to get out and let Victoria do it because he was looking out of the corner of his eye, smiling. I couldn't take it.' When asked when Brooklyn would be ready to enter the dating scene, David said, 'It's a question for Victoria.'

David also showed his funny side (albeit with lines fed by Ellen) when he played a prank on an unsuspecting masseuse. Watch the clip here.

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