The Beeb in hot water over Christian Bale Breakfast playout

The Beeb have once again been called to the headmaster's office and given 6 of the best with the slipper after it emerged that an uncut recording of Christian Bale's 'Bale-Out' was played on the breakfast news.

The expletive laden strop was played out at 6.55am on BBC One's Breakfast this morning and opened with the now eponymous line 'you just don't fu*king understand.' After 5 seconds the item was faded out and 'stony faced' newscasters Charlie Stayt and Susanna Reed left to clear up the ensuing mess.

"An enormous apology" said Reed, "that was definitely supposed to be edited."

The BBC say they have received 54 complaints from viewers so far though this number is surely set to grow now the millions of people who weren't actually watching at that time of the morning have now been alerted to it via the nation's tabloids.

Have a listen.

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