The BBC apologises over Russell Brand prank call

Comedian and celebrity swordsman Russell Brand is back in hot water after leaving obscene phone messages on the the actor Andrew Sachs' answering machine during his weekly Radio 2 show.

Brand and his guest host Jonathon Ross called the Fawlty Towers' actor and told him that Brand had done the wild thing with Sachs' granddaughter Georgina Baillie, who is part of a gothic dance troupe called the Satanic Sluts.

The BBC has been forced to issue a full apology for the prank calls while both Ross and Brand have issued personal apologies to the veteran actor.

Pressure is mounting for further pressure to be taken with the tabloids calling for Brand and Ross to be fired. The ironic part of the whole story is that the show was pre-recorded and someone up on high in the Beeb gave it the green light.

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