The back-up plan

So, at the moment, it's looking less likely that our Geordie princess will be given the nod to head out to the US of A to cry prettily on telly. Now that Katy Perry and Rihanna have thrown their hats into the ring, the idea of a relative unknown sitting at the US X Factor judges desk seems odd. But apparently, all is not lost chez Chezza, as Simon wants the doe-eyed lass to take on Sinatta's 'role', i.e. sitting next to Cowell at the judge's house auditions, simpering a bit, and wearing very little.

A source close to the hairy-handed TV god told The Sun, Simon desperately wants Cheryl to be a judge but if that's knocked back by Fox chiefs the next option is to start her as a mentor. It would be a way to test how she's received in America. Plus viewers would be able to warm to her first, rather than having her thrust upon them by going straight on the panel.'

As long as poor Cheryl doesn't have to emulate Sinitta and her fashion choices - who could forget her green sequined bikini and grass skirt creation in the last series? - we're down with the idea.

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