That's the 'ender our marriage

Splitting up with your intended spouse is never pleasant, particularly when the break-up comes on the actual day of the wedding. Y'know, when the presents, flowers, caterers have arrived and set up camp in the marquee that you've just spent £10,000 hiring. So we should all send waves of good thoughts to Jessie Wallace, aka Kat Slater, today, who split up with her husband-to-be after finding explicit texts sent to his ex. What is it with celebs and sexting? They should be banned from using mobile devices.

A source told The Daily Mail, 'Vince has been calling and texting Jessie night and day since the split. Jessie has had enough and told him she will call the police and report him for harassment if he carries on. She wants nothing more to do with him. She is so angry she wanted all the wedding flowers just so she could watch them die. To her Vince is as dead as the flowers. Her family have now relayed a message to him not to attempt any type of contact.'

However, Vince isn't taking this lying down (so to speak). Through his pals, he's relayed the message that he's furious that Jessie won't answer his calls. The friend said, 'Vince thinks she at least owes him five minutes to explain himself but she won't have it. To add insult to injury he paid for all the drink and flowers and she's trying to take the lot. She is showing her true colours by ruthlessly disposing of him.'

So, whose side are you on, celeb-watchers? Our money's on Jessie to make a blazing comeback on the singles scene any day now...

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