That was quick...

After a full five minutes of claiming that she wasn't after financial gain, and was planning to live a life of simplicity and contemplation, Imogen Thomas has sold her story to the tabloids. In the interview, she speaks about how the affair happened, and how she would feel if her husband had an affair. In a nutshell: a bit pissed off.

Imogen told The Daily Mail, 'If my husband cheated on me, regardless of if there were kids involved, I would have to have some time by myself to figure out what I would want. I wouldn’t just accept it. For me, it’s disrespectful. I have thought about how the other person’s feeling, of course.'

She continued, 'Yes, I did know he was married, it did concern me. But it was never going to blossom into anything. I didn’t really think about it. I really couldn’t help it, to be honest. Feelings take over. I never thought that far ahead. All I knew was that I was just totally in love with this man. I never thought we would get married. That’s ridiculous.'

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