That was a different woman

Anyone who has gawped in horror at the antics of Kerry Katona in her fly-on-the-wall documentary Kerry & Me will have no doubt be wishing they had scrubbed their minds clean with a wire brush, such was the level of terrifying behaviour on display. Obviously in the grip of addiction and depression, she repeatedly cried, slurred her words and threatened to knock out her own daughter – simply grim viewing.

However, the 29-year-old, who seems to attract an awful lot of opprobrium from people who just don’t very much like working class people who ‘get above their station’, has apologised for her actions in her OK magazine column, which if anything is the real crime for which she should be saying sorry. Anyway, she's past all that madness now.

‘I was so unwell at the time and in such a bad place in my life,’ she wrote. ‘I don’t even know who that woman was – it’s so far away from the person I am now. Even so, I know it was still me and that I have to take responsibility for that.

‘My kids are my number one priority. I want a better life for them. I’m not moaning but I had a very difficult upbringing and I would never want them to go through the things that I went through.

‘I would never hurt them in any way because they’re my life and they really are the most amazing kids anyone could wish for... I only hope that some good came out of that show for other people and that watching it will help anyone going through depression, addiction, a break-up (or anything else I went through), so that they can turn their life around in the same way that I have.’

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