Thank me later, Chezza

The young lady who first exposed Ashley Cole for the cheating love rat that he is has claimed that she’s glad she helped Cheryl realise what a dishonest philanderer her soon-to-be ex-husband is, even going as far as saying it was the best thing that ever happened to the Girls Aloud popette. Interesting perspective, that, given that she didn't run straight to Cheryl and tell her what happened.

Aimee Walton, the hairdresser from south London, was the first of Cole’s reported on extra-marital conquests back in 2007. Walton was offered cash to have an abortion by Cole’s people after she told them that she thought she might be pregnant, and was told that he would have nothing to do with any child. At the time The Sun reported that Cole responded to the suggestion of using condoms if he wants to shag around by saying ‘I don’t do that s**t.’ Nice.

‘His cheating was the best thing that ever happened to Cheryl,’ said Walton to The Sun. ‘If it hadn't been me it would've been someone else. She now knows the type of man he is.

‘Her decision to divorce was the best and bravest one. Ashley got a second chance and he blew it. He made his bed – and now he's tucked up in it. I pity him a little but respect Cheryl far more now.’

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