Tears at bedtime: Jessie Wallace axed from Strictly

Oh dear...It's never nice being told that your dancing's crap and that you should stick to the football pitch - especially if a) you're a woman, not a footballer, b) you're live on national telly and c) you're a soap actress and therefore prone to bursting into tears in moments of high drama.

Jessie Wallace has taken a bit of flack for her 'tantrum' after Saturday's show, which saw her rush out of the building in tears before refusing to film the results show.

Well dare we say it but that's exactly what we would have done. Rushed outside screaming and crying and stomping our feet and really revelling in the vile vile shame of being a rubbish dancer on national telly. Yes she shouldn't have signed up to the show without knowing what she was letting herself in for, but yes being told you're hideous on the dancefloor is enough to reduce anyone to tears. Hot, bitter tears of shame. We're with you Jessie.

Check out Jessie Wallace being axed from Strictly.

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