Team Andre winning the race

So, the million dollar question. Are you Team Andre or Team Price? Stick to the rules, you can't say neither, this is like the biggest decision since um, marmite or bovril. Alright it's not a very important decision, but seems some folk out there have been taking the nation's most pressing conundrum very seriously and many, nay most are plumping on the side of lovable old Pete.

Evidence of this: Jordan went for a few quiet drinks at the Living Room pub in Manchester last night and was promptly rounded on by a group of hecklers chanting 'Team Andre Team Andre!' A Mirror source said: "when some drunk lads started giving her grief, she found it genuinely upsetting. Kate hates that the public are siding with Peter in the split.” Dressed as a cowgirl (not the lowest key outfit she could have plumped for) Jordan defended herself by turning round and telling the hecklers to watch her reality show instead of Pete's. Kapow!

To make matters worse, Jordan wasn't in the best of spirits already due to a long and draining day meeting the new inlaws, boyfriend Alex Reid's mum and Dad. The glamour girl forced herself into a demure tracksuit and secure bra for the meet which went so well that she's even been invited back for Christmas. Still, stress is stress right....

Peter on the other hand was in Brighton working his thang as guest of honour for the city's Gay Pride. He was so in demand that men and women were asking for his hand in marriage after the gig.

Team Jordan need to pull their fingers out - looks like someone's got this whole PR race already sown up.....

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