Taylor Swift arrives at ‘intimate gig’ in Australia with 17 security guards

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According to Australia’s Radio Station Nova 969’s DJ’s Fitzy and Wippa, Taylor Swift came along with a crew of 17 personal security guards for her recent “intimate” gig in Queensland, Australia. Only 100 fans were allowed into Nova’s Red Room Live Music Series gig with plenty of security watching over them.

Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli stated, “It was just like the President had entered the building.” His co-host Fitzy then added, 'Taylor Swift is probably the number one brand in the world at the moment and I can understand why they want to protect it, but she is so big that you do need 17 security guards just to lead the life she wants to lead, that personal life that she wants to keep private.'

All the fans had to hand over their phones as they were not allowed to take any photos until after the gig. The DJ’s claimed there were 3 guards alone that were making sure no one took any photos. She performed acoustic versions of Blank Space, Shake it Off and Wildest Dreams, then headed to the piano and performed Out of the Woods. Before leaving on her private jet, she did spend time at the end of the gig taking selfies and chatting with her fans.

The other security members were guarding every door she walked through. Swifts management and Nova FM stated though that the DJ’s were incorrect in their facts. There were in fact only 4 members of security staff present, not 17.

Swift is at the tail end of her 1989 World tour which started in May and will finish on December 12 in Melbourne. This world wind tour has seen her perform 80 concerts in 6 months.

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