Taylor amassed $1bn fortune

Liz Taylor was not just a famed movie star, renowned beauty and collector of husbands. She was also a canny businesswoman, who left a $1bn fortune (£625m), and a cache of priceless jewels. Well, we say priceless; they're going to be auctioned off, so we're sure the Christies auctioneers will manage to put a price on them somehow...

According to The Daily Mail, the Taylor wealth comprises homes worth more than $150m, her stake in Elizabeth Arden's 'White Diamonds' perfume and of course, her bling. The famous diamond collection includes a diamond necklace given to Liz by her fourth husband Mike Todd, and a 33.19-carat Krupp diamond from Burton. The most prized piece in the collection is the 69.42-carat pear-shaped Burton-Taylor.

A close friend told the paper that Liz hadn't considered how valuable her 'brand' was, 'The one thing she didn't do was understand that, much like Elvis and Michael Jackson, she might be worth more in death.'

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