Yeah, yeah. We all know Hollywood has been pick-pocketing movie goers for decades now; rehashing, rebooting and remaking old ideas for a new generation of naive film fans who haven't the foggiest. But the oddest rumour yet has reared its ugly head at this week’s Berlin Film Festival: according to Copenhagen film magazine Ekko, Robert De Niro is to reprise his roll as Travis Bickle in a new Taxi Driver movie.

And it doesn’t end there. It’s not going to be a could-be-interesting-meh-sequel but a WTF-remake. Although the 1976 original saw De Niro and director Martin Scorcese bumped to the front of the A-List queue as well as launching the career of a young Jodie Foster, the film is considered a seminal classic. Hollywood, however, is once again opting for an easy buck.

Of course this is all a little presumptuous and we'll have to wait for confirmation. Before then, rumours that George Lucas is working on a remake of Star Wars and Steven Spielberg is putting the finishing touches on E.T. start here....

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