Tats out for the lads

She may the drunken thug-turned-national-treasure your granny loves to love these days, but Cheryl Cole still has her naughty streak. And she was showing it off last night at the National Television Awards.

More specifically, la Cheryl was showing off her new tramp stamp elegant lower back tattoo. And it's - well, what is it? It looks like someone's taken the classic 'barbed wire pattern' design and, er, drawn a butterfly on it. Which makes sense, we suppose. In opposite world. Does it represent Cheryl's delicate beauty trapped in her loveless marriage to Ashley Cole? Or her loving contractual marriage with Simon Cowell?

We don't know and, to be honest, we don't care. Cheryl Cole has a new tattoo, and it'll be in all the papers tomorrow as an excuse to show a bit of Geordie flesh. And that, as they say, is all.

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