Tarantino to transform Britney into murderous lesbian stripper

Quentin Tarantino's last stab at film making was a ridiculous, no plot affair, involving a few sexually uber confident kick ass girls and a stupid baddy man who they eventually kill rather nastily.

Well his latest film promises to be much of the same, only this time starring Britney Spears. Tarantino has hand picked Britney for the role of a murderous lesbian stripper in a remake of cult Sixties film 'Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!'. Brits will spend her on screen time, romping with girls, stripping to the nip, and of course, unleashing high octane gratuitous violence on any hapless male character who happens to get in her way.

The plot revolves around 3 strippers who bump into a couple in the middle of the desert, and then, obviously, murder them. Britney's character kills the 'boyfriend' character with her bare hands, before kicking back for some kinky 'post bloodbath' lesbian action. Sounds awful. And if it's anything like Britney's last attempt at cracking the big screen (Crossroads) it will be!

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