Ta-ra Hollywood!

When you're a hard-working Hollywood film star, it's difficult to find 'me time'; what with being driven to the set, having your make-up done, doing your lines, eating out with top producers, yoga and then the gym, there's no time left! So sensible Jennifer Aniston has quit work for a year, to focus on herself, and her burgeoning relationship with screenwriter Justin Theroux.

A source told The Daily Mail,'Jen's taking a year off from work to enjoy herself.' Well, why not? According to reports, Jen is getting along famously with her new beau, 'They were super cute. He had his arm around her and kissed her on her cheek. They were whispering in each other's ears. Everyone seemed to be getting along and in a celebratory mood.'

Aniston's new film 'My Horrible Boss' has just opened in cinemas across the US.

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