Tamara squabbles with ex over who gets the Lamborghini

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Well, we've all been there. It's all part of an acrimonious breakup; the ritual division of the possessions like the Lana Del Rey album, the casserole dishes, the £380,000 black Lamborghini . . .

OK, so the one percent super-rich do things a little differently down Chelsea way, although that doesn't make the process any more dignified. Tamara Ecclestone, sometime vapid reality show celeb, Playboy centrefold and heiress of tiny Formula One kingpin Bernie, is living out the adage of hell having no fury like a woman scorned in her tenacious determination to cling on to that Lamborghini.

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Her ex, slightly less wealthy gadabout Omar Khyami, claims that Tamara gave him the car as a gift back in the days when they were in lurrve. Dream on sunshine, is Tamara's response.

The ugliness stems from gifts that Tamara definitely did bestow. When a sex tape emerged of Khyami up to no good with a non-Tamara partner, he claimed that this was ancient, dating back to the days before he had met his dream heiress, and probably filmed on Betamax. Unfortunately Tamara, although not the brightest spark in Chelsea, pointed out that the mini-movie featured Khyami wearing two £30,000 Cartier wristbands that she, in a characteristic bout of poor taste, had given him. That's the thing about ostentatious jewellery; it's so recognisable.

Hence the dispute about the car. It seems that Khyami, temporarily short of loose change, used it as collateral for a loan of £250,000 from a friend's finance company Elite (at 70 percent interest - with friends like that . . .), which means that the dispute is going to be complicated and unsavoury. The car, meanwhile, has been sold by Elite and then by another company.

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Tamara is now with fiance Jay Rutland, but is presumably a little circumspect about what gifts she buys him (and has watched all his home-made DVDs closely).

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