Tamara Ecclestone to bare it for Playboy

Tamara Ecclestone is no stranger to baring her body and soul to the camera and has done it several times in various photoshoots, and once she actually did for a good cause like stripping for PETA in an anti-fur advertisement, but the socialite/model/presenter and daughter of Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone is at it again, but this time she’s doing it for Playboy.

Last year Tamara had said she would seriously consider posing for Playboy, "I’ve done lad mag shoots and I would love to do something like that again... I think doing Playboy is one of those things that probably not that many people would be asked to do it. You might only get asked to do it once and actually so many amazing people have done it, so why not? I’ve been thinking about it and I probably would.”

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Well apparently Hugh Hefner or someone high up in the men's magazine's hierarchy has asked her, and the 28-year old curvy brunette jumped at the chance so now she'll be on the cover of the May issue of the iconic magazine – which comes out on April 19, in all her stunning and naked beauty and also featured across an eight page spread in what is said to be a vintage-inspired shoot that she did in Los Angeles a few weeks ago.

Will Tamara catch any flack about her latest flaunt with nudity?

Apparently an inside source told The Mirror that Tamara has the backing of her new fiancé Jay Rutland, “Tamara’s fiancé and family are aware of the project and are fully supportive.”

Even if she is bound to be criticized, Tamara doesn’t give a hoot because she's previously said, "I have heard so many sh***y things said about me that honestly I don’t care anymore.

Ecclestone and her husband-to-be are currently in Miami for a romantic getaway in the sun.

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