Tamara Ecclestone splashes out on wedding

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Millions of hopeful men were left despondent and disappointed at the news that Tamara Ecclestone has married. One of the last of the great heiresses, whose massive fortune might even have softened the blow of having Bernie as a father-in-law, married Jay Rutland on the beach at Southend, no, wait, Cap Ferrat.

It was a discreet and tasteful ceremony . . . oh, who are we kidding, it was a vulgar display of ostentatious bling, with the ceremony followed by the bride stripping down to a skimpy bikini and jumping into the Med. The role of really old bloke who is a mate of Dad's and had to be invited was played by Sean Connery. Entertainment was provided by jobbing pianist Elton John and LIonel Richie, before Mark Ronson and Calvin Harris offered tunes from a vaguely similar generation to the happy couple.

The Sun had paid for plenty of candid pictures of Tamara in her clinging kaftan and white bikini hitting the water and emerging somewhat less gracefully. The paper was also delighted to note that many of the guests opted for bikinis rather than the usual wedding reception outfit of summer dress and big hat.

Formula One supremo Bernie dipped into his £2.5 billion fortune for the bash, spending £600,000 on hiring out all 73 rooms in the Grand Hotel Saint Jean. Apparently the entertainment bill alone came to £3.5 million, including a lavish firework display.

There may still be a few notes of sibling rivalry lingering though. Tamara's sister Petra married in 2011 in Bracciano in Italy, where the music was provided by The Black Eyed Peas and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. That shindig cost around £12 million, although Bernie's ex Slavica paid the bill after the diminutive billionaire queried the drinks budget.

Presumably Tamara kept the champers bill within acceptable parameters. Bernie has to watch the pennies these days, with costly legal actions looming in Germany.

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