Tamara Ecclestone loses Lamborghini in custody fight

We weren’t sure whether to cry or laugh at the news that Tamara Ecclestone has lost a custody battle over a car. The judge ruling that Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter Tamara was wrong for trying to reclaim a Lamborghini Aventador from her former boyfriend Omar Khyami as she gave it to him for his 38th birthday back in 2012.

The £380,000 super car was later part exchanged by Mr Khyami against a Bentley that he bought for Ms Ecclestone. Mr Justice Dingemans summed up by saying that the Lamborghini had “caused everyone far more trouble than it is worth.” The judge also said that Ms Ecclestone’s conduct was “wrong”. He was referring to the fact that she had the car repossessed by the firm she bought it from. Elite Cars Ltd sent bailiffs to seize the car in an effort to recoup the debt generated by a service that Ms Eccelstone brought it in for. Elite then sold the car to Ansol Trading Ltd.

Breaking up is never easy even if you’ve got millions in the bank. According to Ms Ecclestone the car was just for Mr Khyami’s use while they were together so it remained her property but that was how her ex saw it or what the judge ultimately concluded. A spokesman for Ms Ecclestone said that her client was disappointed by the verdict and reiterated that she never intended the car to be a gift.

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The spokesman agreed that “The judge was correct when he said the car had been more trouble than it’s worth and this has been a difficult time for Tamara and her family.” As if this was some really serious issue that had just been resolved, the spokesmen concluded: “Tamara thanks everyone for their support and it is now time to focus on the future and positive times ahead.”

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