Tales from the Reidinator

It's been a while since the Katie Price and Alex Reid union imploded, less than spectacularly, after a few months of marriage. But Alex is still hurt, telling the papers that the constant presence of TV cameras got in the way of real intimacy. No way, do you really think so?

Alex told The Daily Mail, 'I could never be alone with her. We never had any real intimacy. We did have romantic moments but, even then, there was always someone downstairs. Phill and Gary, I called them the Gay Mafia. They were always there advising Katie.'

He continued, 'Everyone - I mean, everyone - warned me against marrying her. Even Katie's closest friends told me not to do it. I didn't see it at the time, but I do now. The cameras were there so it wasn't as private as I wanted.' When asked about his wedding day, he said, 'I can't talk about that day. It's too painful. I just can't handle it. Put it this way, it wasn't happy. I haven't seen any photos of that day. That's the worse thing. My mum doesn't have any photos and that doesn't make sense.'

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