'Take That? We're a four piece'

All you Take That fans who jumped for joy when Robbie put aside his UFO guide, shaved his beard, lost his spare tyre and rejoined the band - the time for celebration is over. That's right - it looks like Robbie might have to steel himself for his marching orders from MD Gary Barlow. Gary has more than hinted that the future of the band is as a four-piece, and unless that means that Jason is out (unlikely, he has nice designer stubble), Robbie will be handed his P45.

Gary told Chris Evans while co-hosting the Radio 2 breakfast show to 'celebrate his birthday', 'I think even moving forward, I know we’re back with Rob right now, but we still see our future as a four-piece band. We see Take That as a four-piece band in general. When we came back in 2005 we had the conversation, 'Can we do this as four?' Thanks to the fans who bought the records, we proved we can.'

Got that Robbie? The number in question is FOUR, not five. Sorry pal, looks like your days are numbered - time to reheat the feud...

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