Take That to split. Again...

Take That's recent European tour has broken all kinds of records, winning new fans across the globe, though it seems as if the gigs have taken their toll. According to reports, the band are considering a two-year 'break', and it's possible that TT may ditch Robbie for a second time, after his 'big' personality has caused tensions once more. Williams left the band in the mid-90s and found huge success as a solo-star, while his arch enemy Gary Barlow descended into obscurity and obesity. Gary had the last laugh though, reuniting Take That sans Robbie, and bringing Take That to the top of the charts.

A chatty insider told The Daily Mail, 'At first it was a fairytale, having Robbie back and being a five-piece again, but a few arguments and their touring schedule made it hard going. Howard, Jason and Mark all said they were shattered at the end of their tour, and are not sure they’ll be able to go through it all again at their age.'

The gossipy pal continued, 'There were problems. The guys knew working with Robbie would be different but they didn't realise how much of a change they'd have to make to accommodate him. Robbie can be over the top and most of the time is just joking around, but he should have been more aware and tried to fit in.'

Take That's spokesperson denied the rumours, saying, 'The band are all on great terms. They are on a well deserved break at the moment, taking a post-tour holiday.'

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