Take That return to XFactor

Take That performed last night on XFactor, with Robbie returning to slay some demons after his nervous performance on the show last year, where he appeared somewhat agitated. This time, he was a little more at ease. The band were happy for Robbie to take the starring role, with a spotlight shining on the former outcast for the majority of the song.

Gary told Dermot O'Leary after performing, 'The whole day in the dressing room has been as much fun as being on here.'

However, on the blogosphere, fans weren't impressed. A Twittee named littlebead fumed, 'So it's Take That back to being the Robbie Williams show....', iRycee said the performance was 'more about Robbie than Take That', while a fellow named Mistajam typed, 'Does this feel like Robbie Williams ft Take That to anyone else?'

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