Take That off

When it comes to diva-style strops and demands, you don't normally think of cuddly old Gary Barlow, from cuddly old Take That. Aaaawww, look at his chubby little cheeks, isn't he sweet?

No, he is not. He is in fact a tyrant who orders women how to dress at their shows, and as such has slapped a ban on ballet pumps. The monster.

'Gary can't stand the sight of ballet pumps,' said some source or other to the Mirror. 'It may sound odd but he cannot bear them. He thinks they're incredibly unflattering. In his eyes, even the most attractive woman would be pig ugly if she was wearing pumps.'

'At one of their recent aftershow parties, a dancer was kicking back in some pastel ballet pumps (loving this scene setting, by the way), and Gary had to leave the room. All 230-odd cast and crew have been told to stick to trainers or heels when not on stage. The other Take That guys find it hilarious.' Not a bit creepy?

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