Take That: now the dads add their tuppenceworth

It's that tried and tested formula for curing stage fright - join a million-selling, stadium dwelling band where you'll be forced to perform nightly in front of thousands of thirty-somethings, baying for flesh. Well this is the cure that Robbie Williams - who's currently suffering from the curse (as evidenced by his appearance on last year's XFactor) is pinning his hopes on. Robbie's dad, who's a bit of a showman and a local hero in Stoke on Trent, confirmed the news.

Robbie's dad told The Sun, 'I know he suffered from that earlier on. But he'll have all that support of his band of brothers. It's so wonderful that he has joined Take That again. It will be a solid and nice year for him. He'll have fun and will have genuine friends around him for support. It can get a bit lonely on your own. They are all married and Rob has a girlfriend. They're more mature. It won't get as wild as it used to.'

Let's hope so. Don't let Mark 'ten girlfriends' Owen lead you astray, Robbie!

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