Take That carnage

Take That's European tour was billed as one of the biggest spectacles in pop. Well, it's certainly proved to be, but perhaps for all the wrong reasons. According to reports, drunken ladies attending the gigs are causing carnage with their boozy antics. Manchester police received 22 reports of crime, including five public order offences, three assaults and thefts. Do try to behave, ladies...

A steward at the venue told The Sun,'I've worked at lots of concerts and some of the drunkenness here was unbelievable. Some women were slumped in their seats barely able to walk. It was way worse than a football game.' One sensible fan Sue Mellor, agreed with the assessment, saying, 'The way some people behaved was a disgrace. Some were so drunk they could barely stand. Others were throwing beer on other people.'

On the evenings that Take That played in Manchester, an extra 160 people were admitted to A and E. Insp Mike Coombes told the paper, 'A small minority were able to drink to excess to the extent they spoiled the evening for others.'

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