Take That and no party

Take That seem to be very keen to return to their 'cardigans and slippers' persona of 2008/9 - before the Mark '10 girlfriends' Owen, Robbie 'I see aliens' Williams, and er, some other sleaze that we've forgotten, hit the headlines. So Gary (we're sure Gary's behind this) has decreed that no alcoholic beverages will be consumed on the Take That tour bus.

A source (not on the sauce) told The Sun, 'The Circus Tour was one giant party and, for Mark and Robbie's sake, that just won't work this time round.' Robbie's dad confirmed the news,'They are all married now and Rob has a girlfriend so it's different from when they were teenagers. They have different stuff going on in their lives. It won't get as wild as it used to.'

Hold on to your hats, we're sure it'll be a ker-azy whirl of non stop Horlicks and DVD box sets...

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