Take (love) Rat!

Our faith in the sanctity of love and marriage was rocked by the Mark Owen revelations, but has now been smashed into tiny smithereens with the news that a second Take That member has been doing naughty deeds behind his girlfriend's back. And we thought they were such nice M&S patterned-jumper wearing types...

According to The News of The World, Howard Donald had an eight month affair with a Dutch temptress while he was in a relationship with the mother of his youngest child.

Donald wouldn't take 'neen' for an answer and pursued the lady for months before the liaison got started: 'He made it clear that he fancied me. But he smoked a joint to get the Dutch courage to tell me. The first time I met him I told him I was married and he pulled a sad face and shrugged. I thought that was the end of it.'

'We kept running into each other at different DJ nights. He would say I was beautiful and special. Then one day I gave in. It was the start of a passionate relationship. He has a very high sex drive. He wanted exciting sex and he sure got what he was looking for.'

Not Take That's Greatest Day...

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