Tail between his legs

A few weeks back we reported that the new Inbetweeners film could end up looking somewhat silly, after Simon Bird AKA Will McKenzie laid on demands for extra money. The producers more or less told him to what he was given or face watching his role being taken by someone else, which put both him and the fans of the show in a position where they would lose out. Oops.

However, Bird has realised that he’d be shutting himself out of a good thing, so has come crawling back to the producers. They’re probably cackling as we speak, enjoying how little they’re paying the stars of one of the best comedy shows of the last ten years.

‘The original cast are all back together for the Inbetweeners film and have started work on the movie over in Crete,’ said a source to The Sun.‘Simon is back on board and everyone's happy.

‘He had to come back with his tail between his legs when the producers refused to bend over and concede his demands. As soon as the call went out for another actor, he decided to do it. Luckily for him, there was still lots of good will on the set and he is brilliant at the part.’

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