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  • Please give us some news, Francine

    Please give us some news, Francine

    It's a quiet day on the celeb front, so here's Ronan Keating's former bit on the side, going to a darts night! Class

  • Wormed his way back

    Wormed his way back

    Ronan Keating has apparently persuaded his wife to give their marriage another chance

  • You slipped up Ronan

    You slipped up Ronan

    But Dizzee Rascal has the solution for pop stars - don't get married, so you can put it about as much as you like

  • Gave it all away

    Gave it all away

    Ronan Keating's marriage breaks down after he admits cheating on his wife

  • Ronan Divorce-ing

    Ronan Divorce-ing

    The squeaky clean boybander and model wife Yvonne have called it a day after 12 years of marriage - were they too good looking for it to last?

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