tiger woods sex scandal

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  • Loredana lot of damage

    Loredana lot of damage

    One of Tiger Woods conquests is to publish a book about their affair, revealing some juicy secrets

  • Elin Nordegren speaks

    Elin Nordegren speaks

    It didn't take her long to start blabbering, did it?

  • Tiger fee

    Tiger fee

    Elin Nordegren turns down extra cash in exchange for her silence - oh dear Tiger

  • Woods and Nordegren sign divorce

    Woods and Nordegren sign divorce

    The pair finally made a settlement that made both partners happy

  • Bad Tiger, tacky Tiger

    Bad Tiger, tacky Tiger

    The golf messiah is about to be divorced by his long suffering wife on the grounds that the Nike video he recently shot is too tacky

  • Tiger's swinging again

    Tiger's swinging again

    Tiger Woods returns to golf without a hitch - though his wife is furious - again...

  • Tiger Woods: the slowjam remix

    Tiger Woods: the slowjam remix

    As the saying goes, every cloud... Well Tiger Wood's fluffy air particle is a slowjam remix of his answer phone message to his mistress. It's so funny that you forget all about his unfortunate sex scandal for a second or two. Tick, tock

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