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  • Loredana lot of damage

    Loredana lot of damage

    One of Tiger Woods conquests is to publish a book about their affair, revealing some juicy secrets

  • Elin Nordegren speaks

    Elin Nordegren speaks

    It didn't take her long to start blabbering, did it?

  • Tiger fee

    Tiger fee

    Elin Nordegren turns down extra cash in exchange for her silence - oh dear Tiger

  • Woods and Nordegren sign divorce

    Woods and Nordegren sign divorce

    The pair finally made a settlement that made both partners happy

  • Nice birdie Tiger

    Nice birdie Tiger

    Tiger's cheating ways were discovered by the rather clever snooping of his suspicious wife - so watch out, cheats, here's a blueprint

  • Tiger's star treatment

    Tiger's star treatment

    Apparently Tiger Woods is shirking some of his treatment at the sex clinic he's currently housed up in, causing resentment and a leak to The Sun

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