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  • Julianne Moore criticies Sarah Palin

    Julianne Moore criticies Sarah Palin

    Moore plays the controversial politician in Game Change

  • Willow talk

    Willow talk

    Palin homeschools daughter after facebook controversy

  • Palin bores

    Palin bores

    Sarah Palin's new reality show doesn't have viewers coming back for more

  • Like mother like daughter

    Like mother like daughter

    Sarah Palin's daughter Willow uses her inherited intellect to call people 'f*gg*t' on Facebook

  • Uh-oh


    Looks like Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin might be off again

  • This sounds very silly

    This sounds very silly

    Sarah Palin's teenage daughter Bristol is allegedly getting back with the father of her baby so they can make a reality show - nice

  • Alaskan reality, please no

    Alaskan reality, please no

    Sarah Palin is in talks to bring her Alaskan life to the small screen in a reality show about what it's like to live in the Russian satellite of the States

  • Sarah reads her hand

    Sarah reads her hand

    We've all done it: written the answers to a difficult exam on our hands only to be caught having a peak. Only we haven't all done it when we're running for Vice President and on a national TV debate. Yikes, Sarah - haven't you got any knowledge at all?

  • Palin takes a pop at the world media

    Palin takes a pop at the world media

    Clips of Palin ad-libbing about politics, life and the universe are always entertaining, and this is no exception

  • Sarah Palin makes a turkey of herself

    Sarah Palin makes a turkey of herself

    Chat chat chatting away in that funny Alaskan accent, and all the while a poor turkey is being sent to the big Thanksgiving dish in the sky behind her

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