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  • Just 'hood friends

    Just 'hood friends

    Snoop Dogg defends his pal Charlie Sheen, saying that he isn't crazy

  • 50 Cent's film - trailer

    50 Cent's film - trailer

    Do you want to see whether Thing's Fall Apart looks worth the bother? Well stick your head inside

  • Rascal's making Haye

    Rascal's making Haye

    David Haye praises the rapper's skills in the ring

  • He's good with people

    He's good with people

    Jay-Z writes to a federal judge promising to employ a drug dealer

  • Soppy Diddy

    Soppy Diddy

    Puff Daddy is planning on writing a song for Russell Brand and Katy Perry's wedding

  • Big Baby

    Big Baby

    Lil' Wayne does a runner from Twitter after four days because he didn't feel appreciated

  • In Da Pub

    In Da Pub

    50 Cent wants to open a chain of 'authentic' pubs with Vinnie Jones

  • The worst dealer in history

    The worst dealer in history

    Thank the lord that you're not relying on Puff Daddy to bring you your, er, bananas

  • Cheese Daddy

    Cheese Daddy

    P Diddy gets his cheese on for a trip to the Home Shopping Network

  • Kanye says sorry on Leno

    Kanye says sorry on Leno

    Another headline which does exactly what it says on the tin. Kanye is really sorry about being mean to Taylor Swift. He has a quivery bottom lip and everything

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