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  • Myleene steals from the Pope

    Myleene steals from the Pope

    The presenter has admitted to indulging in a five fingered discount while at the Pope's residence in Rome

  • Klassy move

    Klassy move

    Myleene Klass reveals that she was hot on by a major Hollywood star during an interview, whose assistant then offered her a sex contract to sign

  • Klass wars

    Klass wars

    Myleene cancels wedding after 'sex scandal' fears

  • Preposterous stuff

    Preposterous stuff

    Meatloaf and Alan Titchmarsh take celebrity feuding to the next level of ridiculousness

  • A Klass act

    A Klass act

    Myleene Klass claims she turns down 90% of job offers

  • Mum of the year?

    Mum of the year?

    Katie Price has been nominated for Celebrity Mum of the Year. Really

  • Pure Klass

    Pure Klass

    Or Klassicly daft, if you like. The beauty managed to get herself stuck to her bed. Seriously

  • Schofield backs Klass to fill Fern's boots

    Schofield backs Klass to fill Fern's boots

    Phillip pins his flag to Myleen's mast as the search for a This Morning sofa companion heats up

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