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  • Not over till Pete's New! column runs dry

    Not over till Pete's New! column runs dry

    There's still mileage in the Jordan-Peter divorce story yet - Pete says he's not over the glamour wally

  • The Price isn't right

    The Price isn't right

    Peter Andre takes umbridge at Jordan straightening Princess's hair

  • 'Stop dumping kids' rages Andre

    'Stop dumping kids' rages Andre

    Peter slams Jordon's parenting skills again claiming ex wife's love for kids is far from 'unconditional'

  • Jordan's U-turn

    Jordan's U-turn

    The glamour girl begs for Pete to take her back, but the cuddly Mysterious Girl singer is having none

  • And it burns burns burns....

    And it burns burns burns....

    Jordan's effigy is set to burn in a ring of fire this weekend, all thanks to the hilarious denizens of Edenbridge

  • Morning glory?

    Morning glory?

    Team Jordan score a point with Katie's rather frank interview on This Morning in which she sets the record straight about 'the rape', Pete, and 'that stupid Brazilian guy who was rubbish in bed'. Oh dear

  • Stop snogging my mummy!

    Stop snogging my mummy!

    Jordan gives her kids the fright of their lives as she lies down and gets snogged by her cage fighter

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