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  • Get over it

    Get over it

    Katie Price is apparently trying to annoy Peter Andre by renting a holiday home - good luck with that

  • Naughty pics could finish Jordan

    Naughty pics could finish Jordan

    A mate of Alex Reid says such filth would surely put an end to Jordan, but why?

  • Leave my Alex alone

    Leave my Alex alone

    Alex Reid's mum lays into Jordan, after she tore her precious darling's heart asunder

  • Not the jungle VIP

    Not the jungle VIP

    Jordan quits I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here after being forced to do even more bushtucker trials

  • So many haterz

    So many haterz

    An online campaign to get Jordan to do every bushtucker trial is gathering pace

  • Jordan pining for Pete

    Jordan pining for Pete

    If you happen to believe her when she opens up her heart to complete strangers, that is

  • It's over

    It's over

    Peter Andre and Katie Price have finally made their divorce, um, final

  • See you in court?

    See you in court?

    Peter Andre has let it be known that he won't let Jordan slander him in public

  • Two's company

    Two's company

    But three's a marriage, according to Katie Price

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