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  • Girl, get out of my house

    Girl, get out of my house

    Ashley Cole wants Cheryl to move out of his Surrey mansion

  • Ah fult betrayed, man

    Ah fult betrayed, man

    Cheryl Cole tells us the strikingly obvious about her divorce to Ashley Cole, via a lucrative Vogue cover shoot

  • It's over

    It's over

    Cheryl and Ashley Cole today end the love story that has defined our times - with divorce

  • U G L Y

    U G L Y

    Ashley Cole's got no alibi, he's ugly (according to these two young girls, anyway)

  • Woman of the Year?

    Woman of the Year?

    Yes, she's been dignified in her very public split, but, you know - really?

  • Cheryl sails away

    Cheryl sails away

    She's floating off around the Pacific with Derek Hough - brutally snubbing Will.i.am in the process

  • Thank me later, Chezza

    Thank me later, Chezza

    Aime Walton claims her bedding Ashley Cole was the best that ever happened to poor old Cheryl

  • Resistance is futile

    Resistance is futile

    Will.i.am is pulling out all the stops to try and snare Geordie sexpot Cheryl Cole

  • No.you.Will.not


    Will.i.am is pushing himself further and further into Cheryl's dreaded friend zone

  • He's my fairy godmother

    He's my fairy godmother

    That's any rudies with Cheryl Cole ruled out for you then, Will.i.am

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