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  • When Bruno met La Toya

    When Bruno met La Toya

    The infamous deleted scene from Bruno has been leaked onto YouTube, and we're here to mop it up

  • Bruno banned in Ukraine

    Bruno banned in Ukraine

    Apparently the flamboyant homosexual is 'bad for public morals'. Hmmmmm

  • So rude right now

    So rude right now

    Universal Studios are releasing a cleaner version of Bruno so younger fans can watch him in the cinema

  • Interview with a terrorist

    Interview with a terrorist

    Sacha Baron Cohen explains how his contact in the CIA got Bruno an interview with a West Bank terrorist

  • Bruno is 'inappropriate'

    Bruno is 'inappropriate'

    Humourless Austrian ambassador to Britain takes offence at Bruno for no good reason

  • Bruno gives Conan O'Brien a lap dance

    Bruno gives Conan O'Brien a lap dance

    Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen's gay Austrian fashionista character, gave American talk show host Conan O'Brien a lap-dance on live TV.

  • Bruno reveals all

    Bruno reveals all

    The soon to be star of the silver screen answers fans' questions in GQ. It's funny, yah?

  • Bruno bothers bumpkins

    Bruno bothers bumpkins

    The Sacha Baron Cohen publicity department tells us how he managed to get a bunch of rednecks very angry indeed

  • Bum in Em

    Bum in Em

    Eminem explains just how hi-larious he and Bruno's prank was the other day. Clue: funny

  • So sued right now

    So sued right now

    Sacha Baron Cohen is being sued by someone who claims he put her in a wheelchair

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