Tabloids make stories up!

It’s always been said, ‘whatever you read in the papers take with a pinch of salt’. Well now a new documentary has revealed not only how many pinches of salt you should take, but which stories aren't true and how you can make some money from them.

The film ‘Starsuckers’ has shown that the majority of celeb gossip stories found all over the red-tops are complete piles of nonsense made-up by journalists. The documakers behind the film contacted various publications including The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail and The Sun and gave them false stories that were later printed as factually correct stories. Articles included: Amy Winehouse’s hair catching fire; Pixie Geldof keeping pik’n’mix sweets in her bra and Avril Lavigne falling asleep in a club.

“We kept trying to do things that they wouldn't print and it happened a couple of times but they pretty much printed most of what we said”, explained Director Chris Atkins. “Had those fake stories been fact-checked by the newspapers before they were printed, they would have realised – I think within minutes – that they were about to publish complete and utter babble,”

Starsuckers hits cinemas on the 30 October and it looks blooming brill. Watch the trailer here...

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