Swooney swoons

Gorgeous George was never going to be on the shelf for long after his split from Italian beauty Elisabetta Canalis. The Hollywood superhunk dumped his Mediterrenean girlfriend some time in the recent celebrity news cycle and he's already stepping out with a wrestler. Way to go George!

Banish all visions of hairless, leotard-clad meat mountains, the wrestler in question is Stacey Kiebler who The Sun describes as a 'leggy beauty.' This is not a tired old cliche: Kiebler has a whopping 42 inch legspan, which in laymans terms makes her a hell of a lot taller than George.

In their first public outing since the pair have been getting it on (though we're betting they've actually left the house together before this) George and Stacey attended the Toronto Film Festival. But it was when they crept off to the after party together that hacks put two and two together and came up with five. According to The Sun Stacy gave a lengthy and analytical response as to why she finds George attractive, replying ' everything!' when asked what she likes about him.

Proving that women who date the Swoonster can stand on their own two feet an eyewitness added: '(Stacy) really stood on her own. George was not overprotective and didn't have to look after her at all,' - handy as he's hardly going to have to help the ex WWE wrestler out in a bar brawl. We predict that trouble will kick off when marriage and babies rears their nagging heads: the reasons being bandied about for George's split with Canalis.

Is Swooney about to get clotheslined?

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