Swine flu rocks Kasabian

Proto prog rockers Kasabian have been hit sideways by swine flu while on tour, with their frontman Tom Meighan catching the worst of it.

Meighan started showing obvious symptoms of the bacon flavoured flu, and was rushed to hospital in Sydney. The band have now been forced into isolation until they manage to shake it off.

‘We're all sick as dogs, man,’ said Serge Pizzorno to the Sun. ‘It's pretty terrible. It's a bit of a virus that we picked up in Japan. It's so tough.

‘I am confined to my hotel room and I look out and see the Opera House and the harbour and so want to be out there in it all.

‘The doctor says it will take a couple of days and we need to stay in our rooms and chill. But we hope to be rocking and rolling very quickly. It's what we're on the road to do.’

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