Suzanne Shaw skates away from the issue

She may have recently triumphed over Hollyoaks actor Chris Fountain and won Dancing On Ice, but she certainly won’t be winning any awards for being most politically aware.

Suzanne Shaw proved to be rather in the dark with current affairs when asked if she was backing Obama or calling out for Clinton. Suzanne, on US presidential candidates said: “I’m going to be honest. I’ve never heard either of these names before.”

Okay, Suz, we understand you’ve spent rather a lot of time holed up in an ice rink rehearsing your routines, but haven’t you looked at the front page of a paper? Oooor switched on the TV! The Hilary–Barack race for the White House has been headline news for quite a while now!

This all comes after news that Suzanne plans to release a Barbie doll version of herself for all the kids out there. We think it should be a bestseller. She’s definitely the perfect model for a dummy…

(Image: from YouTube)

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