Suzanne Mizzi dies aged 43

Suzanne Mizzi, one of the legends of the institution that is Page 3, has died after losing her battle with cancer.

Men of a certain age will remember Suzanne Mizzi, one of The Sun’s most popular Page 3 girls, who alongside with Samantha Fox sent the hearts of tabloid newspaper readers fluttering every time she was on the page. As well as that she was an extremely successful lingerie model, with one company insuring her face and body for £11million.

However she was also an artist and an interior designer, who went under the name Mizzy: she spent her time divided between London, Spain and Malta, and her abstract paintings went for up to £10,000 a time.

‘She was one of Page 3's most successful and best-loved models,’ said photographer Beverley Goodway. ‘She was exquisitely pretty, just gorgeous, with amazing eyes, and the readers loved her. She was a wonderful person and great fun to work with, always very professional, organised and determined.

‘You could count on her to make a shoot work, come what may. It always made me smile to see her put on make-up before a shoot. She would concentrate so hard that she would frown in front of the mirror - but in front of the camera she just lit up.

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